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Mobile tickets, boarding passes and wallets are rapidly becoming the go-to method for travelling. It's incredibly stressful when low battery makes a phone inaccessible.


No alternative phone charging solution beats the portability
of Joos for transport hubs.

Provide Safe Charging

Reduce pressure on customer services by offering travellers a power bank so they can board, enjoy their journey and continue safely.

Enable Digitalisation

The rise of digital tickets, boarding passes and payments makes phone charging solutions as essential.

Increase Retail Revenue

Allow your travelers to charge and shop, increasing retail revenue compared to venues with older static phone charging solutions.

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Network Rail

London Bridge Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in the UK so it made perfect sense the location was the first to provide Joos, as part of Network Rail’s commitment to digitalisation across railway environments.


Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport observed a shift in passenger behavior towards using mobile devices during check-in and boarding, resulting in a reduced need for charging lockers. Ideal solution sought without restricting customer mobility.

Customer Benefits

Joos power banks can be rented at train stations to help keep passengers connected on the commute. When low on power and unable to access their mobile tickets, they simply plug-in and go.


• 91% of respondents feel it is important to have a charged mobile device before travelling
• 83% of respondents feel it is useful to have access to a charge on the move solution at train stations

Unlike other charging solutions, passengers don’t have to leave their phones unattended in a locker leaving them untethered. Joos portable phone chargers were designed with station mobility in mind so passengers can pick up a charger at one station, and use it on their train journey before docking it at another Joos Box at their destination.

Traveller Benefits

A charged phone is crucial for airport convenience, safety, and connectivity. Joos portable chargers enable a smooth digital experience, preventing low battery issues during check-in, boarding, or COVID-19 passport presentation. Passengers can easily pick up a power bank at check-in and drop it off at departures.

Forget Charging Lockers

Easier airport mobility with a portable phone charger that doesn’t leave passengers tethered to USB charging points or anxious about leaving phones unattended in charging lockers.


Cables that can power other devices like cameras and headphones, meaning lots of digital entertainment to stay occupied on long journeys.

Enjoy Duty Free

Flexibility to enjoy duty free shopping and the ability to make mobile contactless payments as their phone charges.

Kit Included

Power banks that include cables for every phone, so there is no need to worry about forgotten cables at home or buried at the bottom of suitcases.

Supercharge your passenger experience with Joos.

Add your details below and we'll be in touch to discuss bringing Joos' phone charging solutions to you.

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