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London Bridge Success Story: Embracing Sustainable and Convenient Power Solutions

London Bridge Railway Station, recognized as one of the busiest stations in the UK, has recently introduced Joos as part of Network Rail’s ongoing commitment to digitalization across railway environments. This strategic move aims to enhance the passenger experience by providing a convenient and reliable solution for keeping devices charged during travel.

Convenience for Passengers and Visitors

With three Joos Boxes installed at London Bridge, passengers and visitors can easily rent a power bank, travel with it to keep their phones fully charged, and return it to any Joos Box in the UK & Ireland. This initiative not only caters to the needs of busy commuters but also promotes a sustainable approach to device charging by encouraging the sharing of power banks.

Impressive Results

The introduction of Joos at London Bridge Railway Station has already shown promising results within the first two months of operation. High Demand for Power Bank Rentals There were 420 power bank rentals recorded during this period, indicating a strong demand for this convenient service.

Average Usage Duration The power banks were used for an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes, showcasing the value they provide for users who need to keep their devices charged during their journeys. Positive Customer Ratings The service received an impressive customer rating of 4.8 out of 5, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction among users.

Potential for Expansion and Future Growth

Given the success of the Joos power bank rental service at London Bridge Railway Station, there is potential for further expansion to other stations and locations across the UK and Ireland, providing even more passengers and visitors with convenient and sustainable charging solutions.

We’re really excited to launch this trial with Joos. Providing digital technology to help make people’s journeys easier will enable our passengers to have an even better customer experience. With so much reliance on mobile phone technology for life’s essential activities, Joos will provide an important service to help keep our passengers online and able to access ticketing, retail and travel information when they need.

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