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Don't let low battery ruin the experience for delegates, guests and spectators.


The portability of Joos power banks makes mobile devices accessible without interruption throughout the event.

Improved Experience

Power banks allow guests to enjoy events how they're intended without anxiety about their battery.


Conference, or Expo? Joos helps guests successfully network from start to finish.

Brand Awareness

Fully brand our mobile phone charging stations, including media on gorgeous 43" LCD.

Royal Ascot

While the Royal Ascot is steeped in tradition, it keeps up with the times by using Joos. This makes sure guests stay connected and online from when the gates open to the last race.

Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors, a global travel company, partnered with Joos to provide a reliable source of power for their guests during their conferences.

The Golden Key

The Golden Key chose Joos because our charging stations are user-friendly and customisable to fit the specific needs of any event.

F1 (Coming Soon)

It’s lights out and away we go for Joos. 


Supercharge Your Event Experience.

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